Calvert You Are Beautiful Volunteer Awards

Calvert You Are Beautiful Volunteer Awards

Each year the Board of County Commissioners recognizes the works of local volunteers through the Calvert You Are Beautiful Volunteer Awards program. Nominated volunteers might be a medic at a local fire and rescue station; someone who staffs a fundraiser or festival; or the person who generously gives time to school programs, museums, hospice, homeless shelters and other service-based agencies.

Nominations for the 2019 Calvert You Are Beautiful awards are now closed!

All nominees will be honored at a ceremony sponsored by the BOCC on September 24, 2019.

2018 Calvert You Are Beautiful Awards

The 2018 awards program recognized seven nominees for their dedication to the Calvert County community. View video vignettes of the nominees using the links below. Congratulations and thanks to all the volunteers who make Calvert County a great place to live.

To watch the full video, visit our YouTube channel.

Beverly Barth


Barry Briscoe


Linda Densmore


Kevin Franco


Barbara Glover


Carolyn Mohler


Ben Springer