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What is the last day to register to vote or make any changes to my registration?
The voter registration deadline is 3 weeks before each election. New applications must be either hand-delivered, entered online, or mailed no later than 3 weeks before the election (must have valid postmark). Voters who are already registered and need to submit a change request (name, address, party, etc.) also have the option to fax the signed request to 410-535-5009. Click here.Click here.

Election Board

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1. How do I register to vote?
2. Do I have to register to vote before each election?
3. What is the last day to register to vote or make any changes to my registration?
4. How can I verify if I'm already registered?
5. If I register to vote, won't I get called for jury duty?
6. Where is my polling place?
7. Where do I vote during Early Voting?
8. Can I vote at any polling place in the county?
9. What are the voting hours on Election Day?
10. Do I have to show identification when I vote?
11. In a Primary Election, may I change my party affiliation on Election Day to vote a different party ballot?
12. What will the ballot look like?
13. Can I wear a campaign button or T-shirt into my polling place when I go to vote?
14. May I pick up an absentee ballot for my spouse or child?
15. Are absentee ballots only counted if the votes are close?
16. How do I complain about a candidate's campaign sign(s)?
17. Who are the Elected Officials in Calvert County?
18. How do I become an election judge?
19. How do I report Voter Fraud?

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