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Why does the franchise agreement cover a 15-year term?
The terms of franchise agreements are negotiable. Most recent agreements last for 10 years or less due to the fast pace of technology. Some have been as short as five years. However, federal law says community needs assessments should occur three years before the end of a franchise agreement. Short-term agreements could therefore pose challenges in the renegotiation process.

Comcast Franchise Agreement

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1. Why does the franchise agreement cover a 15-year term?
2. How can the new franchise agreement address the density requirement so more homes in Calvert County can get access?
3. How does the county enforce the terms of the franchise agreement?
4. What percentage of the county does not have access to cable?
5. Are cable rates a part of the franchise agreement?
6. Can cable companies be removed from providing service if they do not perform as expected?
7. Is a special tax district a solution to financing service extension to unserved areas?

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