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Energy Projects
Calvert County recognizes that alternative energy sources are important to increase America's energy security and to provide reliable domestic energy supply. As home to Maryland's only nuclear reactor -- the first nuclear power plant in the nation to achieve re-licensing -- and one of the nation's largest liquid natural gas import facilities, we know the importance of their presence from both a local and national perspective.

Constellation Energy Group and Dominion Cove Point together employ over 1,000 people, contribute to a wide range of community charities and infuse millions of dollars in tax revenue annually, revenue used to fund education, school construction, roads, law enforcement, fire and rescue. Given our history with these entities, we are comfortable with their presence in our community, appreciate the financial contribution to our economy, but most importantly, trust their commitment to safety and environmental stewardship.

Calvert County is uniquely positioned to play a pivotal role in meeting our nation's energy demands and facilitating the development of new energy solutions. We stand ready to share in our nation’s responsibility to provide resources that produce energy to minimize the impact to our global environment.

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