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Administrative Variance
Administrative Variance Form

Agricultural Preservation Forms
Application for Certification of "Development Options"  (fill-in form)
Application for Designation of Agricultural Preservation District
Application for PAR Fund 2016
Application for TDR Sales List
Conveyance of Development Rights w/Lien
Conveyance of Development Rights w/o Lien
Recording of Covenants Imposed By Conveyance of Development Options
Conveyance and Retirement of Development Rights

Architectural Review
Architectural Review Form
Architectural Review Form (fillable)

Board of Appeals
Board of Appeals Forms

Critical Area
Critical Area Form

Free Trees in the Critical Area Program
Native Tree List
Calvert County Native Plants Recommended Trees and Shrubs
Simplified Buffer Management Plan

Historic District Forms
Historic District
Historic Area Work Permit
Historic Preservation Tax Credit

Subdivision Forms
Family Conveyance Affidavit
CA-101    Critical Area Form
CA-102    Critical Area Transmittal Form (Project Notification Agreement}
DPW-101 Dept. of Public Works Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) Requirements
SD-101    Concept Review and Fast-Track Request Form
SD-102    Subdivision Application
SD-103    Supplemental Signature Form
SD-104    Subdivision Application Checklist
SD-105    Preliminary Plan Checklist
SD-106    Subdivision Letter of Explanation
SD-107    Title History Form
SD-108    Road Name Request Form
SD-109    Final Plat Checkprint Checklist
SD-110    Final Plat Recording Checklist
SD-111    Adequate Public Facilities Road Recommendation Form
SD-112    Request for Determination of Adequacy of Schools
SD-113    Improvement of Plan Checklist
SD-115    Road Name Change Application
SD-116    FFD Density Worksheet
SD-117    RCD Density Worksheet
SD-118    RD Density Worksheet
SD-119    Historic and Archaeological Resources Referral Form

Forest Conservation
Forest Conservation Forms

Replatting Forms
Replatting Procedures and Checklist

Recording of Plat - Lateral Lines
Recording of Plat - Subdivision
Recording a Plat Form
Additional Forms to be used in Critical Area, Facts and Findings, Lot Consolidation and Reconfiguration Form

Site Plan Forms
Site Plan Application
Site Plan Submittal Checklist
Site Plan Design Checklist
Please contact Terry Williams, Development Navigator 410-535-1600 x2642 concerning questions regarding Site Plan Submittals

Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulation Amendment Form

Rezoning Request Form

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