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Volunteer Profiles 2
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2016 Volunteer Awards Nominee Profiles
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Brian Kimball
Nominated by Angela Gaither-Parker

Brian Kimball is a volunteer with The Autism Project, a non-profit organization serving Southern Maryland students on the autism spectrum. He is known as someone who can be called on anytime to help with odd jobs.

Brian handles the design and upkeep of The Autism Project’s website, but that is not all. He has replaced broken swings, fixed damaged walls and doors, repaired bikes and scooters and updated safety features at the group’s property in Owings.

Regardless of the time, the day or the temperature, Brian is there to help. In his special way, he includes the students in the work and coaches them with patience, kindness and courtesy. His dedication takes a major weight off other staff. “He is a true blessing in every sense of the word.” said Angela Gaither-Parker, director of The Autism Project. 
  Barbara Mogel
Nominated by Anne Sundermann          

Barbara exemplifies the adage that one person can make a difference. She worked with Calvert County’s Natural Resources Division to resurrect the Barn Owl Nest Box Project that now boasts more than 50 nest boxes in the county.

Prior to Barbara’s initiative, the barn owl population had declined in Calvert County at a rate of more than 50 percent over the last 10 years. Barbara recruited more than 80 volunteers to assist with installation and monitoring of the boxes. Since 2012, she has devoted nearly 1,000 hours to the project. Her leadership also resulted in the raising of more than $1,000 for the Calvert Nature Society’s “Adopt-an-Owl” campaign.

By donating to Calvert Nature Society, purchasing supplies from her own pocket and accumulating mileage as she drives the back roads searching for ideal barn owl habitat, Barbara makes a difference wherever she goes. She is a champion for the things that make Calvert County special.

Ruth Mora
Nominated by Father Daly         

The volunteer work of Ruth Mora is a model of service to others. Each week she volunteers with the St. John Vianney Interfaith Food Pantry, assisting up to 150 families weekly. She also coordinates the Arimathean Volunteers at St. John Vianney Catholic Church, helping with meals following some 30 funerals per year. In addition, she is a volunteer aide in the St. John Vianney pre-school, helping with 3 and 4 year olds.

Two days each week, Ruth volunteers with the Community Ministries of Calvert County to assist with the charitable work of the many Calvert County churches.
When winter arrives, Ruth volunteers with Safe Nights of Calvert County to help provide shelter for the county’s homeless population. As Father Peter Daly noted, she is truly an extraordinary volunteer.

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