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2015 Volunteer Awards Nominee Profiles
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Michael Lewis, Sr.
Nominated by William A. Rector lll, Chief, Dunkirk Volunteer
Fire Department

Michael Lewis Sr. joined the Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department in 2012 after serving more than 20 years with the Branchville Volunteer Fire Department in Prince George’s County. He is a 23- year veteran with the Metropolitan Police Department as a K-9 handler with a highly decorated career. 

Mike took on the responsibility as chief engineer of the Dunkirk Fire Department. In this role, he is solely responsible for the day-to-day operations of a fleet of more than $1.8 million worth of equipment. Prior to Mike taking this position, the fleet was in disarray and in need of major repairs. He has coordinated and executed repairs to exceed local and state standards, and maintained a low cost to the taxpayers of the county. 

Mike is not only an administrative member, he is also active in the operational side of the department. He is a certified Firefighter 1 and 2, emergency vehicle operator of all the apparatus in the station, operator for the water rescue boat and one of the lead driver training coordinators.

The Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department would not be in the position it is today if it were not for the hard work and dedication of Michael Lewis Sr. He is dedicated, true to his word, loyal and most importantly, he exemplifies the integrity that is so important for public safety.



  Ilse Metz
Nominated by Calvert Marine Museum

Ilse began volunteering at the Calvert Marine Museum in January 2004 after spending more than 30 years in the biotech field. She began her volunteer work in the Paleontology Department where she started out cataloging hundreds of books into the Paleontology Library. She moved to main library projects including transcribing census records and indexing significant events reported in old county newspapers. Recently, Ilse started cataloging and rehousing the extensive B.B. Wills Collection, with records numbering in the tens of thousands and inventorying more than 1,400 books donated by the family of Earl Ray.

Since the passing of long-time volunteer Paul Berry in 2014, Ilse has taken on additional duties in the library. Her experience with cataloging software and current library practices has benefited both staff and other library volunteers. She comes in faithfully three days each week to volunteer behind the scenes and keep the museum’s library running. Her work has resulted in the creation of finding aids used by museum staff for exhibit projects and by visitors conducting research. In less than one year, Ilse has logged more than 4,600 volunteer hours.





  Pamela "Penny" Moran 
Nominated by American
Chesnut Land Trust

Penny Moran’s devotion to nature and nature education has made her a critical part of the American Chestnut Land Trust (ACLT), as well as a loyal volunteer at Flag Ponds Park, Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center, the Calvert Master Gardeners and many other organizations throughout the county.

Penny became a Master Naturalist several years ago. But the 40 hours required for certification is a drop in the hat compared to the amount of time she spends serving others. She not only helps plan the Master Naturalist classes held at ACLT, but she also co-runs the program, spending nearly 100 hours on it alone.

Penny is on multiple ACLT committees, is present at every event and even offers to step in when other volunteers cannot make it. Her value to ACLT is incalculable, as is her friendship.

Penny has a hard working and generous spirit, and a determination to share nature with students. Her sincere interest in educating our youth about the importance of nature, its delicacy and its strength, is both moving and inspiring. She has a passion for the natural world in Calvert County. The nature that surrounds us is healthier, better understood and better appreciated because of Penny.







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