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Sign Regulations Public Comment
Written comments on the draft sign regulations, Draft Version 1 (dated January 2, 2015) have been received from the following people:

G. Leah, Director, School Construction, Calvert County Public Schools          1/6/15 

C.R. Bailey, Jr., Vice President, Marrick Properties                                         1/12/15

Doug Alves, Director, Calvert Marine Museum                                                1/21/15

Tammie Wilhoit, Managing Member, TNT Signs & Graphics, LLC                  1/22/15
        2/5/15     2/25/15                                            

Stacey Hann-Ruff, Director, Annmarie Garden                                                1/22/15

George Lerose, Clerk, Saint Leonard Vision Group                                         2/12/15

Nance Pretto, Lusby Business Association                                                      2/23/15

Matt Gambrill, Solomons Architectural Review Committee                              2/23/15

Maria Buehler                                                                                                   2/23/15

Kenneth Peskin, Manager, State and Local Government Affairs,
International Sign Association                                                                          2/24/15

Cathy Cosgrove                                                                                                2/26/15        3/26/15

James Applegate, Apple Signs                                                                         3/2/15

Marcus D. Jackson, Vice President Government Affairs
Maryland Building Industry Association                                                            3/2/15

John Coller, President, Southern Maryland Association of REALTORS, Inc.   3/3/15
Maureen Walker, Vice President, Spice Islands Wicker                                   3/3/15

Dawn Balinski, Treasurer, Maryland Forestry Foundation                                3/9/15

Gary Bowman, Maryland State Highway Administration                                   3/9/15         MDSHA Outdoor Advertising Regulations

Chris Moore, REMAX                                                                                       3/12/15

Doug Alves, Calvert Marine Museum                                                               3/25/15

J.P. Sherkus, DAACA                                                                                       3/25/15

Marcia Wahl                                                                                                      3/25/15

Maureen Wahl                                                                                                   3/25/15

Kevin Turner                                                                                                      3/30/15

Lillie Mattingly, Chair, Calvert County Chamber of Commerce                          4/2/15

George Anderson                                                                                               4/8/15

Bill Lankford                                                                                                       4/8/15

Jerry Gaff, President Southern MD Chapter MD Saltwater Sportfishing Assn. 4/10/15

Dawn Daly Bowen                                                                                              4/12/15

Jack McFadden                                                                                                  4/13/15

Jeff Klapper                                                                                                        4/14/15

Lisa Tassa                                                                                                          4/14/15

Mary Ballard Jenkins                                                                                          4/15/15

Paul Harrison                                                                                                      4/15/15

Dana Jones                                                                                                         4/17/15

Michael King                                                                                                        4/22/15

Diane Burr, President, Bay Business Group                                                        5/15/15

Small Business Interest Group                                                                             6/30/15

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