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Service Based Budget
This year, in addition to the normal budget development process the Board of County Commissioners has asked County Departments to develop "Service Based" budgets, as a way to better explain the link between services and annual operating cost. 

This "Service Based" budget format is intended to be more easily understood and provide greater transparency.  The data included is based on the County’s Fiscal Year 2016 General Fund Budget. Also included are the preliminary new budget requests for Fiscal Year 2017. New requests are considered preliminary because this data was submitted prior to County-Wide budget submission deadlines.  The costs reported are estimates. More detailed information about this tool is available.

This is the first try at putting this data together and the expectation is that it will be refined over time. Starting on December 15, 2015, work sessions will be held during the Commissioner’s weekly meetings detailing the individual department’s service based budgets. 

This budget includes a description of each of the services and functions performed by County departments and the costs in salaries and operating expenses associated with each of those items.  The Service Based Budget is provided for review in Microsoft Excel format and is sorted by services and functions, in alphabetical order. The spreadsheet can be filtered by department or division.  

Please share your comments or questions with Tim Hayden, Director of Finance and Budget by calling 410-535-1600 ext. 2435 or by email

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