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Rules and Regulations
Calvert County Natural Resources Division is responsible for the preservation, management and operation of natural areas for the purpose of providing compatible outdoor recreation and educational opportunities for the public. 
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 The following activities are prohibited in the parks

  1. Launching or operating model airplanes and drones (UAV)
  2. Possession and use of firearms of any type
  3. Golf practice
  4. Fire of any kind, except in designated fire rings or grills
  5. Car washing and waxing
  6. Ice Skating
  7. Use of any motor propelled vehicle, including minibikes, trail bikes,
    snow sleds off a road

The following activities are permitted in certain parks within 1) designated areas and 2) subject to special regulations. Contact park staff to determine if these activities are permitted.

  1. Fishing
  2. Archery
  3. Horseback riding
  4. Camping
  5. Hunting
  6. Walking and riding of bikes on trails
  7. Games involving thrown or other propelled objects such as balls, stones, arrows, or javelins except in areas set apart for such forms of recreation.
  8. Parking cars except in designated parking areas
  9. Metal detecting (Flag Ponds beach only)
  10. Dogs on leash allowed, except at Battle Creek Cypress Swamp and Nature Center

  • Group reservations and rentals are subject to staff and facility availability.
  • Any group of 30 or more visiting Flag Ponds Nature Park must have a Naturalist-led program and pay the applicable fees. Any group paying a program fee will not pay Flag Ponds User Fee.
  • Any group of 10 or more visiting Battle Creek Cypress Swamp must have a Naturalist-led program and pay the applicable fees.
  • Any group of 30 or more visiting Kings Landing Park must either reserve a facility or have a Naturalist-led program and pay the applicable fees.
  • Smaller groups may visit “on their own.” Availability of parking, facilities, and other park amenities is not guaranteed.
  • For fee schedule and more information.  Rental facilities have specific rules and regulations.
  • To schedule a group visit call 410-535-5327

You must receive approval from the Calvert County Natural Resources Division prior to placing a cache. To obtain approval, submit the Cache Approval Form to the office. In most cases, you will be advised of a decision within 5 business days.
Download the Cache Request Form

This is not a comprehensive list of rules, regulations, and policies. Some parks have specific policies regarding use and access.

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