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Comcast Franchise Agreement
Calvert County Cable Franchise Renewal

Calvert County Government is in the process of negotiating its franchise agreement with Comcast to provide local cable television service. Citizen input is a vital part of this process. Follow the information and links below to learn more.

The cable franchise agreement allows cable television providers to build and operate cable systems in county rights-of-way in exchange for providing cable service to residents. The agreement details which areas will be provided service and covers other services such as public access channels, funding to support local programming, studios and equipment, and more.

Comcast has a non-exclusive franchise in Calvert County. While any cable provider can petition the county to provide service, Comcast is currently the only provider to enter the Calvert County market. The current 15-year Comcast franchise agreement is under a one-year extension after it expired in August 2016. You can view the full agreement here.

Local access to broadband services is a primary discussion point among Calvert County residents. While the franchise agreement covers cable television only -- not broadband internet access -- it is true that cable services normally include broadband. You can view Calvert County broadband access on a map here. (Note: Click the Layers tab on the map for more options)

Follow the links below for more details.

What Is Covered

The Franchise Renewal Process

How You Can Be Involved

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