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Pickleball is a great way to stay active while having fun. What is Pickleball? It's a game similar to tennis that is played with a paddle similar to one used for table tennis and a plastic ball with holes similar to a wiffleball. It requires quick reflxes, but not alot of running since the court is only 20 feet wide and 44 feet long.

Calvert County Pickleball Day - Saturday, October 7 from 10am-3pm
You can play Pickleball outdoors at the following locations: Dunkirk District Park court #4 (two courts), Mt. Hope Community Center (one court), Hallowing Point Park court #2 (two courts), Cove Point Park court #2 (two courts) and Solomons Town Center (one court). You’ll need to bring your own paddles and balls, but Pickleball nets are at each court. 

Get your Calvert County Pickleball passport here with location information and then play at as many places as possible on Saturday, October 7th. Send your name and how many sites you visited to and you just may receive some great prizes.

For court availability in our parks, use the court numbers above and go to Tennis/Pickleball Court Availability on the Office of Sports, Community & Well-Being's main menu.

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