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Risk Management
  • Responsibilities and Services
    Risk Management is responsible for protecting the County's assets from the risk of accidental losses and injuries. The primary functions are to develop, promote, and track safety programs that meet or exceed OSHA regulations, evaluate risk, procure insurance policies and administer workers' compensation, property, general liability and automobile claims.

    In addition, Risk Management fosters a culture of safety through employee training, monthly safety review and quarterly safety committee meetings that involve all departments in the commitment to ensure a safe environment for all employees, as well as the citizens who visit the County's facilities daily.


Fall Driving Safety Tips

Driving in the fall can be unpredictable due to frequent weather changes. As days get shorter, driving during daylight is limited and visibility on the roads decreases. Drivers need to pay more attention to road and traffic conditions and use extra caution when driving.

Use your headlights
  • If your vehicle does not have daytime running lights, turn on your headlights at dawn and dusk. Using your headlights when visibility is decreased will help you identify hazards in the road, pedestrians, animals and other conditions you might not otherwise see.

Slow Down
  • The faster you drive, especially on wet, slippery roads, the longer it takes to stop your vehicle. Doubling the speed of your car can nearly quadruple the amount of time required to stop the vehicle safely.

  • As leaves begin to fall they litter the roadways, obscuring traffic lines and other pavement markings, and can hide potholes and other road hazards.  When it rains, the leaves become slippery and can result in extremely dangerous driving conditions.

  • The fall season brings an increase in deer activity. To help avoid a collision with deer and other wildlife, scan the road and shoulders ahead of you and use high beams if there is no oncoming traffic.  When traveling in areas with a highly active deer population, be extra cautious, especially at dusk and dawn.

Sun Glare
  • As the season changes, so does the position of the sun and the glare it generates. Sun glare can impact your sight for seconds after exposure, making it hard to see oncoming traffic, the car in front of you and pedestrians. Sunglasses can help reduce glare and protect your vision.

Contact Us


Daniel Baker
Safety Officer
410-535-1600, ext. 2560

Ellen Simpson
Risk Management Specialist
410-535-1600, ext. 2421

Michelle Langham
Risk Management Assistant
410-535-1600, ext. 8530

Physical Address

150 Main Street
Suite 101
Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Mailing Address
175 Main Street
Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

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