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County property tax is .952 per hundred dollars of assessed value. The Towns of Chesapeake Beach and North Beach get a tax differential of .336 per hundred making their county rate .616.

Additional Information
  • The county income tax is 3.0 percent (effective January 1, 2017) of an individual's Maryland taxable income.
  • The 911 fee is $0.75 per month per subscriber on all switched local exchange services, wireless telephone services or other 911 accessible services.
  • The admissions and amusements tax is 1 percent of gross receipts.
  • The hotel tax is 5 percent of the transient charge. The hotel tax should be submitted on a monthly basis to the Calvert County Treasurer's Office no later than the 21st of the following month. It should be noted that interest and penalties will be applied for late payments.
  • The mobile home tax is 20 percent of the income derived from rentals or leases.
  • The recordation tax is $5 per $500 when a property transaction is recorded.

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