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Directory / Contact List
Sheriff's Office Contacts may be reached by dialing 410-535-1600 and the extension numbers listed below. 
Their email addresses have also been provided.

Administrative & Judicial Services Bureau
Lt. Dave Payne, Commander             X 2593             

Animal Control
Dean Hamilton, Dispatcher                X 2526             
Craig Dichter, Supervisor                   X 2387             

Civil Process
Jennifer Hardesty                               X 2672            
Frances Lopez, Supervisor                X 2466            

Community Action Team
Cpl. Jason Dean                                X 8404            

Crime Lab
Greg Crump                                       X 2574            
Jan Veeder                                        X 2587            

Criminal Investigations Bureau
Capt. Bobby Jones, Commander      X 2458             

Criminal Records
Sheila Taylor                                    X 2599             
Tina Bowen, Supervisor                   X 2477             

Domestic Violence Advocate
Kathleen Salzman                            X 8423             

Sgt. Brian Bowen                             X 2467             

Internal Affairs
Lt. Craig Bowen                               X 2746             
Sgt. Jay Goldsmith                          X 2594             

Internship / Volunteer Coordinator
Human Resources Contact, Sheriff's Office
Debra Nevin                                    X 2667               

Patrol / Accident Reports
Shirley Ireland                                 X 2362             

Patrol Commander / Public Information Officer
Capt. Todd Ireland                          X 8401             

Property Manager
Susan Fischer                                 X 2468             

Protective & Peace Orders
Sharon DiMaggio                            X 2557             

Sheriff's Communications Officers
Jessica Jones, Supervisor              X 2461             

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