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Domestic Violence
What is Domestic Violence?
  • Domestic violence is the use of abusive tactics and physical force to obtain and maintain power and control over a partner.
  • Domestic violence happens in all sectors of society. It happens to people of all racial, economic, and religious groups.
  • Domestic violence can include physical assault, sexual assault, emotional abuse, economic abuse and verbal abuse.
  • Domestic violence never stops on its own. Once it starts, it gets progressively worse in frequency and severity.

When an inmate has a change in status, the 
VINE Call Center immediately begins to call all registered victims. Notification calls continue every half-hour for 24-hours or until the victims are contacted. The system will leave a message on an answering machine, but calls continue until the victim enters their Personal Identification Number (PIN) to indicate that they have been successfully notified of an inmate's release, transfer or escape.

Victim Assistance
Victims call a toll-free hotline any time, day or night, to register for notification or to check on an offender's status. The VINE Call Center also offers 24-hour live operator support for callers who need personal assistance. This feature assists callers with rotary telephones, and can provide referrals to designated victim service agencies.

This early warning system is now in 32 states and serves more than 350 communities across the United States and Canada. VINE is the nation's first and only automated service for victim notification. Other communities offering VINE include New York City, San Francisco, Ohio, Kentucky, Arkansas, Atlanta, Miami, Indianapolis, and Ontario, Canada.

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