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Zoning, Permitting and Citizen Relations

The Zoning, Permitting and Citizen Relations section works with residential and business customers to provide appropriate land use information during development.  Staff reviews and approves permit applications for building permits and home occupation businesses.  Staff provides official interpretation and enforcement of the zoning ordinance regulations and manages proposed text amendments. 

Provides zoning information to the public on proper land use for residential and commercial development, as regulated by the Calvert County Zoning Ordinance.

Permit Review/Business License Review
Provides review of building permits, plot plans, home occupations, signs and grading exemptions.

Zoning Enforcement
The Enforcement Staff is dedicated to addressing concerns about uses or conditions that affect the use and enjoyment of neighboring properties as codified in the Calvert County Zoning Ordinance, while acknowledging the rights of property owners. This is done by enforcing the zoning laws and regulations set forth by the Board of County Commissioners.  The Enforcement Staff strives to maintain or improve the quality of life for county residents by providing responsive  zoning enforcement services.  

Agriculture/Land Preservation
Calvert County created the first land preservation program in the State of Maryland and currently has the most active Transferable Development Rights program in the State. The County Programs complement the state’s land preservation tools including the Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Program, the Rural Legacy, and the Greenprint Programs.  Agricultural Preservation

Cultural Resources/Historic Preservation
Calvert County has instituted programs to preserve, protect, and document material traces of the past that are threatened by development. Calvert County has more than 1300 listings on The Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties.   Staff is qualified to perform cultural resources review for development projects that may affect historic structures or archaeological sites. Historical Preservation  

Customer Service
Working through the county development processes can be complicated and can lead to frustration.  The Development Navigator and customer service staff can assist by leading and supporting property and business owners through the processes.

Contact Us
Mary Beth Cook
Deputy Director / Zoning Officer 
410-535-1600 x2334

Rachel O'Shea
Planner/ Permit Review/Non-Critical Area
410-535-1600 x 2489

Tamara Blake-Wallace
Planner/Permit Review/Non-Critical Area

Terry Williams
Customer Assistance
Development Navigator
410-535-1600 x2642

Denise Cherry
Customer Assistance
Manager Administrative Services
410-535-1600 x2340

Judy Holt
Customer Assistance
Administrative Aide/Front Desk Support
410-535-1600 x2356

Felicia Harrod
Customer Assistance
Office Specialist I/Front Desk Support
410-535-1600 x2337

Chris Breedlove
Chief, Enforcement
410-535-1600 x2370

Rick Stotler
Enforcement Officer
410-535-1600 x2661

Libby Mills
Office Assistant
410-535-1600 x2571

Ray Alvey
410-535-1600 x2376

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