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Sheriff's Office

Message from Sheriff Mike Evans

We really appreciate the following email we received from one of our Calvert County citizens:

Sheriff Evans,

A few months back, probably during the last major outbreak of anti police sentiment when the Ferguson Riots happened, I sent an email very similar to what this one is going to be to you. Now we have the same situation happening much closer to home and via local media, I see that we sent some of our own to help out in Baltimore. Please if you would, share this with all of your officers.

To you and all of the officers protecting my family and I here in Calvert County. Thank you. Thank you for doing what you do. 

Thank you for missing holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, the superbowl, anything, that most of us take for granted, because you put on that uniform day after day and go to work.

Thank you for being willing to get shot, stabbed, beat up, kicked, spit on, abused both verbally and mentally, EVERY SINGLE DAY so that I can be in my yard and not have to worry about someone coming to harm me or my family.

Thank you for running DUI Checkpoints so that I can feel safer driving at night and know that you guys are taking impaired drivers off of the road.

Thank you for being there to hold the hand of a child whose parent may have been injured or worse in a car accident and is in need of a shoulder to cry on.

Thank you for being the first sometimes to the scene of a firey accident and armed only with a small extinguisher, putting yourself in harm's way to attempt to knock down the flames enough for you to get a trapped motorist out, knowing that you will probably be burned, too, and you do it anyway.

Thank you for waving at me when I wave at you guys on the road. I know you are busy, but I appreciate you; and if its only in a passing wave as I am heading south on 4 and you are heading north, my wave is showing my support for you.

Thank you for trying to get as many drugs off the street as you can day after day and make our area safer.

Thank you for doing the Christmas time thing where you guys all head out and shop with less than fortunate kids.

That you for the hours of unpaid volunteer time that I am sure you and your officers partake in.

You all are very special people to me and not only me. Most folks I know and deal with on a daily basis, support our law enforcement. You are loved, cherished, needed by us all. I know I never could do your job and I'm glad there are those of you who will. This list is too short, because there are thousands of things I am sure that you do that I am thankful for and the above mentioned list is only a few. Stay safe out there guys!!! ALL OF YOU!!!!! I hope to be able to shake all of your hands someday. It isn’t much, but its what I can do. Keep up the good work!

Bill Hower


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