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Agendas and Minutes

  1. All
  2. Adult Guardianship Review Board
  3. Agricultural Preservation Advisory Board
  4. Agricultural Preservation Advisory Committee
  5. Agricultural Reconciliation Committee
  6. Agriculture Commission
  7. Animal Matters Hearing Board
  8. Animal Shelter Advisory Board
  9. Architectural Review Committee - Dunkirk Town Center
  10. Architectural Review Committee - Huntingtown Town Center
  11. Architectural Review Committee - Lusby Town Center
  12. Architectural Review Committee - Owings Town Center
  13. Architectural Review Committee - Prince Frederick Town Center
  14. Architectural Review Committee - Solomons Town Center
  15. Architectural Review Committee - St. Leonard Town Center
  16. Board of Appeals
  17. Board of County Commissioners
  18. Board of Library Trustees
  19. Board of License Commissioners (Liquor Board)
  20. Board of Parks & Recreation (Park Board)
  21. Building Board of Calvert County
  22. Calvert County Ethics Commission
  1. Calvert County Family Network Board of Directors
  2. Calvert Marine Museum Board of Governors
  3. Commission for Women
  4. Commission on Aging
  5. County Employees' Retirement Savings Plan Board of Trustees
  6. Economic Development Authority
  7. Economic Development Commission
  8. Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council
  9. Employees Retirement Plan
  10. Environmental Commission
  11. Fire and Rescue Commission
  12. Gambling Permit Review Committee
  13. Heritage Committee
  14. Historic District Commission
  15. Housing Authority of Calvert County
  16. Other Post-Employment Benefits Trust Fund Board of Trustees
  17. Planning Commission
  18. Sheriff's Department Pension Plan Board of Trustees
  19. Social Services Advisory Board
  20. Subdivision Evaluation Group (SEG)
  21. Technical Evaluation Group (TEG)
  22. Tourism Advisory Commission

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