Commission on Aging


The purpose of the Commission on Aging is to:

  • Advocate for seniors and individuals with disabilities
  • Provide information, guidance, advice and recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners on matters concerning seniors and individuals with disabilities.
  • Keep informed of developments, programs, and available funds at local, state and national levels concerning needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities.
  • Plan, initiate and implement projects and activities that benefit seniors and individuals with disabilities.
  • Serve as an advisory Council to the Calvert County Office on Aging.


There shall be 16 members appointed by the BOCC, of which there shall be at least:

  • One member who is a local elected official
  • One member of the clergy
  • One member of a non-profit organization dedicated to the interests of senior citizens
  • One member who represents health services for the elderly in the county

The term of each member shall be four years, beginning on May 1, unless appointed to an unfulfilled term. Members shall be limited to two consecutive full terms; thereafter, a member may be reappointed after one year's absence from the commission.


  • 9 a.m.
  • Third Thursday of each month
  • at Calvert Pines Senior Center and other locations of interest
  • Calvert Pines Senior Center
    450 W. Dares Beach Road
    Prince Frederick, MD

Open Meeting Statement

The Commission on Aging complies with the Open Meetings Act - agendas and minutes are available at Agendas and Minutes.

Annual update:

The Commission on Aging publishes an annual report in compliance with Ordinance 40-16.


The Commission on Aging focuses on current issues affecting seniors in Calvert County:

  • Housing - advocate for more affordable senior and low-income housing.
  • Transportation - Raise awareness of the ever-growing need for transportation options in the county to aid seniors getting to and from appointments, church, shopping or activities.
  • Senior Wellness - highlight programs and resources for those suffering from dementia or a mental health condition and their caregivers.
  • Community Awareness and Outreach - help to get information out to the community regarding county services available to seniors and individuals with disabilities.


Kathy Baron

Beverly Butler

Jeannette Findley

Elizabeth Foster

Harriet Gossett

Tanea Granlund

Sudha Haley, Ph.D.

Yolanda Hipski

Bessie Hoskins

Frank Krohnert

Terry Long

Margaret Phipps

Pam Williams

Len Winkler