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Department of Human Resources Customer Satisfaction Survey

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    The Department of Human Resources is committed to continuous improvement in the services we provide to internal and external customers. It is important to us that you experience excellent customer service while we work to meet your needs. We value your comments and suggestions and appreciate your time and response!

  2. Please answer the following questions about yourself.

  3. Are you

  4. How did your interaction with our staff occur?

  5. What was the purpose of your visit or contact?

  6. Please rate your experience with our staff in general.

  7. Was our staff courteous?

  8. How timely was the assistance you received?

  9. Did our staff have a positive attitude?

  10. Was our staff helpful?

  11. Was our staff accurate?

  12. Overall, how was the service you received?

  13. If you would like to be contacted by a member of the Department of Human Resources to discuss a concern, please provide your name and contact information below.

  14. Thank you for your feedback.

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