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New Hire Feedback Survey - Part 2

  1. This form is the second in a three-part survey. It is focused on your experience during your first week of work with Calvert County Government. The third and final part of this survey will be sent to you at the end of your first 90 days of employment with the County. Thank you in advance for your participation in this process.

  2. What is your current employment status?

  3. During Your First Week

  4. During my first week of employment, my work schedule was reviewed with me and I was provided access to files/projects/documents/timesheets.*

  5. During my first week of employment, I had an introductory meeting with supervisor/mentor.*

  6. During my first week of employment, baseline goals were established for my performance expectations.*

  7. During my first week of employment, policies and procedures were reviewed with me.*

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