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 Calvert County GIS isn't just for Government. Online maps offer county residents and visitors a variety of tools to find what they need, learn more about what's going on, and virtually explore the natural resources, parks and recreational facilities that make this the place to be. It's also the place to watch the changes in the county's landscape over the past 100 years.

MyCalvertMap is a collection of powerful map viewers that run on any desktop PC, tablet or mobile device. The maps do not require a plug-in or software download to function properly. Simply click the links below to access the maps.



What's My Watershed and What's In It?

The What's My Watershed and What's In It?--Interactive Map will allow you to discover information about Calvert County watersheds. You can quickly find a specific local watershed, the watershed in which you live, or the watershed another property is located in and impacts.

Construction Image

Permit Activity Status System (PASS) Map

This interactive map displays active and recently completed building and planning permits in Calvert County. Use the map to quickly determine the status of a permit (including reviews, conditions and inspections) or simply browse the map to see what's going on within an area of interest.

Broadband Map Image

Broadband availability in Calvert County (FCC, 2014)

This interactive map application is designed to graphically depict the approximate coverage and general availability of broadband communications (cable, DSL & fiber-optic) within Calvert County. The map is based on data that was compiled as part of the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) National Broadband Map initiative. The data are generally believed to be accurate but are subject to at least two known limitations: (1) The data was compiled using census blocks as the smallest geographic area (2) The data have not been updated by the FCC since 2014. Visit the National Broadband Map website for more information.

 Historic Map Image

What's Going Where in Calvert County

Have you passed a local construction site and wondered about the project? The What's Going Where Map shows where commercial projects are happening in Calvert County. Explore commercial projects by ZIP Code or view a list of projects completed in the last 12 months.

 Historic Map Image

Explore the History that Surrounds You

Calvert County is filled with history, some of which may be closer than you think. Use the Historic Sites Map which combines multiple sources of historic information into one place. Explore roadside markers, National Historic Places, and historic architecture, along with video documentaries.

 Property and Topo Map Image
Property and Topo

The Property and Topo Map allows you to search for specific properties by a variety of methods and view the related tax records. It is also an excellent resource if you want to know about the slopes and contours of the county, as well as identify wetlands, streams, and other key features. Is your property flat or full of steep ravines? Take a look. Most features will automatically display as you zoom in on the map.

 Residents Guide Map Image
Facilities Guide

Find schools, fire stations, libraries, solid waste convenience centers, and more. This Facilities Guide Map is designed to help you find the County service you need, nearest to you.



The Changing Face of Calvert County

View historic aerial imagery of Calvert County and follow the growth in businesses and housing since 1938.   This Historic Imagery Map offers a surprising look at everything that's changed and what hasn't!  Switch the imagery by clicking on the years

 Critical Area Map Image
Is Your Property in the Critical Area?

Before you build, add on or clear land, check the Critical Area Map to see whether Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Regulations apply. Knowing in advance will help you avoid potential problems when you're ready to start your project. This map depicts the current, adopted Critical Area (2017) that is used for regulatory purposes.

 Flood Hazard Map Image

Flood Hazard Map

This interactive Flood Hazard Map is designed to guide homeowners through the process of determining their current flood risk as well as future flood risk based on the preliminary Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMs). These new DFIRM maps for Calvert County will go into effect in the near future. It is important to investigate your flood risk status and contact your insurance agent to make necessary modifications to your flood insurance coverage while the maps are still preliminary.

 Recreation Map Image

Stay Active in Calvert County

Do you want to go hiking of fishing? Are you looking for horseback riding trails or a public boat launch? Or do you just need to find out where the sports field is for your child's next game? The Recreation Map is here to help. Search for the parks and facilities that serve your particular interest, whether it's focused on sports, the water, or just enjoying the county's beautiful natural resources.

 Census Map Image

Census and Demographics Map

Although Maryland's smallest county at just under 213 square miles, Calvert County is home to over 92,000 people and boasts one of the highest standards of living in the state. The Census and Demographics Map will help you visualize the distribution of population in Calvert County and view the 2010 Census geographies.

 Voter Map Imge

Voter Map

The Voter Map is your place to find the boundaries of Congressional, State, and County election districts. You'll easily find your precinct and polling place here.

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