Solid Waste Division

Quick Contact Numbers

Division Number
Solid Waste 410-326-0210
Public Works Main Line 410-535-2204 or 410-535-2205

Important news on plastic bags and other plastic film products

The Calvert County Department of Public Works, Solid Waste Division recommends residents to reuse and reduce the usage of disposable plastic bags as the County’s current contractor can no longer recycle plastic film products (grocery bags, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, etc.) due to market changes. Residents may recycle plastic grocery bags at local stores offering plastic bag recycling. Residents may dispose of plastic film products in separate, designated containers at Calvert County Convenience Centers. Plastic film products cannot be commingled with glass or plastic bottles and metal cans at convenience centers.

Safety Rules for Commercial Haulers at Appeal Transfer Station

Waste Management, Inc, which operates the Appeal Transfer Station, has requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE) to preserve the safety of its workers and customers. Effective January 1, 2019, the following requirements for PPE will be enforced at the Appeal Transfer Station.

  1. The minimum acceptable level of PPE is a hard hat and a class 2 safety jacket, vest or shirt. The PPE must be worn as the outer most layer of clothing.
  2. Commercial vehicle drivers must wear the minimum acceptable level of PPE at all times when using the Appeal Transfer Station.
  3. Failure to comply with PPE requirements will result in refusal to unload the vehicle.

State-of-the-art Appeal Convenience Center

Learn more about the layout, hours and benefits of Calvert County’s newest convenience center. Be aware of the changes happening to the old Appeal Convenience Center and the Lusby Convenience Center.  View the flyer on the new Appeal Convenience Center.

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Steps to sign up for Solid Waste Division Alerts

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "Calvert County ALERT" link.
  3. Create an account. (Note: Your information is never borrowed, rented, or sold. You control your subscription.)
  4. Select your subscriptions. If you are a resident, click "Solid Waste and Recycling Residents." If you're a business, click "Solid Waste and Recycling Businesses." If you're a hauler, click "Solid Waste and Recycling Haulers."
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Division Overview

The Solid Waste Division monitors the operation of the Appeal Landfill, Appeal Transfer Station, six convenience center locations, recycling activities, a bulk item pick-up program and environmental monitoring for the Appeal and Barstow landfills.

The Division is also responsible for ensuring compliance with federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations.


To provide all customers with efficient, cost-effective, reliable and safe management of Calvert County’s solid waste and recycling activities.